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After more than twenty-five years, the Certified Moving Consultant (CMC) credential has come to represent a fundamental competency and adherence to ethical conduct of the sales force for the Household Goods Moving & Storage Industry. You can be confident you are dealing with a knowledgeable sales consultant who is committed to providing excellent and fair service when you see the CMC logo.  Margaret's Moving & Storage is proud to say that we have more Certified Moving Consultants than any other company in Kentucky! 

Meet Our Staff

Krista-Moving Consultant
Krista is a moving consultant. She has a vast and diverse background and likes to be known as "not your typical girl!" When not working, she enjoys her family, performing home renovations herself or baking her famous cinnamon rolls!

Suzanne Ebert-Receptionist/Penske Representitave

The first voice you hear when you call Margaret's Moving & Storage!  Suzanne will promptly answer your call and transfer you to the appropriate department!  If you are calling to get rates on our Penske truck rentals, Suzanne can help you! 

Contact Suzanne today!  502-584-5234
Cheyanne Weathers-Moving Consultant, Packer & Packing Trainer

Cheyanne is a mover by blood! She was indoctrinated into the family business at an early age and has taken to it like a duck to water. She currently is also a full time student at the University of Louisville. Cheyanne can perform many functions within the company, both office and in the field. She likes to keep her schedule varied and busy. She may be booking a move, packing a box or study for an exam for a test at school. She hopes to obtain her degree in Human Resources Management and use her degree in support of the family business.

"It’s hard being a full time student and working but, the opportunities at Margaret’s Moving & Storage for me has not only been a blessing but truly a learning experience. I pride myself on being a part of a team that depicts hard work and dedication. Stormy (my dad) and Margaret (my step-mom) are the epitome of dedicated business owners. I have watched this company develop from a dream.  Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, I like to accept the challenge of helping people feel at ease with all there moving needs. I love the comfort this company provides to our customers with meeting their moving needs by taking the stress of moving off of them. Every day I learn something new, and it is a great pleasure to be a part of a team that is striving for one main goal, and that’s providing impeccable customer service during the moving experience. We earned the title of best movers because I feel that we have the best people to fulfill the roles needed." -Cheyanne Weathers

Contact Cheyanne today! 502-584-5234

Samaria-Moving Consultant
Samaria is new to our moving staff. She is a Louisville native and went to college at Fisk. She came back home to be near her family. She just happens to be the owner's niece! We are excited to have Samaria on staff and extend our family tradition!

Marissa-Moving Consultant
Marissa is also new to the company. She is a full-time student at the University of Louisville and works part-time. She is also a moving consultant. Did we happen to mention she is also a niece? We are excited to have her on board!

Margaret Weathers, Founder, Co-owner, President, CEO, CMC & COIC

Margaret hails from the northwoods of Wisconsin. She is a loyal cheesehead and loves her Green Bay Packers. She has a degree in Marketing and Management. She worked in the health care insurance industry for many years and was transferred to Kentucky in 1996. She gave up the corporate world to become her own boss and along with her husband and partner, has grown Margaret’s Moving from a startup company to a premier, award winning corporation in a short time. Margaret’s extensive experience as a trainer and in customer service has enabled her to always have her eye on customer’s expectations and satisfaction.

 "I love what I do. As a family business, I love being surrounded by my family. I work with my husband, 2 step-daughters, my mother and now our 9 year old has started pitching in. I enjoy watching my step-daughters mature and learn. I love the challenge of each day and finding solutions to the various situations each moving customer has. I work at least 70 hours a week to ensure that we are prepared for each day. I believe in providing outstanding customer service. I believe in education. I was the 1st in the Commonwealth to obtain the COIC designation and require all my consultants to get certified with both the CMC and COIC.  Moving is the 3rd most stressful life event, behind death and divorce. Not all moves are happy moves either. So we try to remember that a shipper's frustration may not be toward us, but rather the stress they are encountering. More often than not, a shipper will call back and apologize for being less than delightful! I believe that our character is shown in moments of strife. I believe that is where I shine! I am not one avoid responsibility and have a team approach to my work and my life. I tell everyone that I am living the dream. Being me isn't easy, but it's worth it!"

Arthur “Stormy” Weathers Jr, Founder, Co-owner, Vice-President, Trainer

Stormy is a Louisville native who traveled the world in boxing, fighting the likes of Evander Holyfield in the Olympic trials and Golden Gloves, Rahman, Etienne, and Corey Sanders. He cut his teeth in the moving industry as a driver and loader. At 50 years old he still loves to go on moves and views the most difficult and “impossible” moves as challenges and takes great pride in performing the impossible and training staff to do the same.

"I always wanted to start a moving company. I love the challenge of a difficult move. I love watching a shipper change in front of me from a stressed out crazy person to calm and laughing once they see that we have this under control. Even though I am 50, I feel it is my job to out-work everyone here. Most shippers never know I am one of the owners. I like to hear what they have to say. I am the original "Undercover Boss!"  I will continue to go on moves and train these young guys as long as God allows me to do so. I know I am blessed every day being able to serve our community."





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